Time is the most important aspect of our day. From our morning alarm, to our bedtime goodnights, time keeps us on track. Even though we live in a digital world, the majority of people still wear a wrist watch, and rely on wall clocks throughout the day. Use the easy to follow watch maintenance tips below to hold your watch performing well.


5 Watch Maintenance Tips Every Watch Lover Wants to Have Pinned on Their Refrigerator Door

#1 Watch Maintenance Time: Every 12-18 Months

  • Every watch needs to be maintained and serviced regularly.
  • The recommended time frame for a full maintenance service is every 12- 18 months.
  • This service should be done when your battery is dead, because it includes a watch battery replacement (link to future watch batteries page)
  • A watch maintenance service should include a full check of the movement, replacing gaskets and battery, a pressure test for water-resistance control, a case cleaning, and monitored for quality control before it is given back to its owner.

#2 Complete Watch Overhaul

Another maintenance service, which is more in-depth, is referred to as a “complete overhaul.” A complete watch overhaul is recommended every 5 years. This amazing watch maintenance service will breathe life into your prized possession!

This watch maintenance service includes

  • completely dismantling,
  • cleaning,
  • reassembling,
  • oiling, and a
  • regulation check on your movement in addition to the other aspects of a maintenance service.

If there are any signs of an unrepairable movement this is when it would be completely replaced with a new one.

INSIDER TIP: Also, if you would like to change your dial, replace the hands, or replace the crown and stem, this is the best time to do that.

#3 Watch Water Depth Capabilities

On top of maintenance services, it is important to also understand your watches water depth capabilities. Not all watches are water resistant, and even the slightest of water exposure can ruin your movement, and rust out your watch.

Water can intrude into your watch through the crown, crystal, and the back seal. All water-resistant watches are marked with a depth on the back or dial usually listed as an “ATM” number.

520165Showering, dishes, and shallow end swimming
10100330Swimming and snorkeling
20200660Scuba diving
505001650Deep water diving

#4 Watch Battery Life

Watch maintenance doesn’t end without taking care of your watch battery. It is important to have your watch battery changed immediately when it stops working. This prevents the oils inside your watch from drying out, and damaging your movement. When you are servicing your watch, make sure you do so at an authorized watch repair service center.


Here at Joseph’s Jewelry our watch repair service can

  • service all brands of watches,
  • change watch batteries on the spot, and
  • we also have an authorized watchmaker on site to service every brand from a Timex to a Rolex.
  • Most difficult repairs, services, and overhauls can be done within 3 weeks.
  • Most watch batteries are changed on the spot while you wait, and if you leave us a few to change we will have them back to you in 24 hours.
  • Straps and buckles can also be ordered and replaced in store, unless it is brand specific, then we ask you to order it for the vendor and we will install it for you. We are here for all your watch repair needs, and work quickly for you.

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