The increasing rarity of natural pink diamonds only adds to their value. They are so rare in fact that only a few hit the market each year. Around 50-60 every year to be exact. Even more rare is to have a gem quality stone that’s on the larger side. Most are no larger than a .50 carat. Even a pink diamond that’s 1ct can be sold for over a million dollars.

“Christie’s says the Legacy is the “largest and finest Fancy Vivid Pink diamond ever offered at auction by the company.” It does not say that it is the largest fancy vivid pink ever offered at auction—and that’s because Sotheby’s has twice offered the Pink Star, which was also fancy vivid and 59.6 carats. In April 2017, the Pink Star was purchased for $71 million by Chinese retailer Chow Tai Fook, setting a world record for any kind of diamond ever offered at auction.”


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