Although the demand for Alexandrite is not very high due to its price, Joesph’s Jewelry has the ability to make your greatest desires a possibility. We work with many different stone houses and have the capabilities to acquire many different stone cuts, colors, and qualities. The color changing characteristics of Alexandrite are unique to the stone and is not widely utilized in the industry.  Joseph’s Jewelry is the premier location for custom Alexandrite jewelry on the Treasure Coast. From custom creations to  designer favorites, we can take care of your every need. Check out our website for more information Alexandrite jewelry design, and repairs from the Number 1 voted jeweler on the treasure coast.


“Night and day, the changing hues of Alexandrite enchant the eye and fuel the imagination. Its mesmerizing color swings – from red to green depending on the light source – makes it the most famous and popular of all color-change stones. First discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia in the 1830’s, this gem helped celebrate the coming of age of Czar Alexander II. The name Alexandrite was bestowed on this newly found Chrysoberyl as a tribute to the young royal, and its green and red colors were reflective of tsarist Russia. 


The hypnotic beauty of Alexandrite makes it a gem prized by connoisseurs. While Russia continues to be a limited source, Brazil is the primary source for Alexandrite. Madagascar, India and Sri Lanka are other global sources for this alluring gem. Sizes above 1ct are rare and fine quality gems are often more expensive than comparably sized Ruby or Sapphire. Alexandrite that display a 100% change in color from red to green are most desirable. Because of its ability to change dramatically in shifting light, Alexandrite is associated with balance in life, self-esteem, and the ability to experience joy – powers that, according to legend, the stone may impart to its wearers. Often used to celebrate June birthdays, Alexandrite also commemorates the 45th and 55th wedding anniversary. With a hardness of 8.5, Alexandrite is an excellent gem in terms of wear. Its natural (untreated) colors are perfect for those who look for a unique expression of self.”


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