We offer stone setting & Replacement service for all types of stones and diamonds

On-Site Stone Setting Service

On-Site Stone Setting Steps

The loose stones and diamonds you bring in, or stones you want to replaced in a jewelry piece, can be set by our jewelry repair expert team. Please be sure that we treasure your trust in us to set or replace the stones or diamonds in your most precious jewelry piece in the same way you treasure your memories with it.

When you bring your loose stones to our Joseph’s repair experts, we’ll evaluate the repair cost and provide you our educated recommendation. We set or replace all types of stones and diamonds, including jewelry items purchased at another store.

Call Joseph’s Jewelry or fill out our contact us form to make an appointment with our jewelry repair experts at your convenience.

Our on-site trained jewelry repair experts will review your jewelry piece and provide you an educated recommendation on how to set loose or replace all types of stones and diamonds.

After you signed our repair agreement, our on-site trained Joseph’s jewelry repair experts will start working on your jewelry piece to set or replace any type of stone or diamond.

After the jewelry is repaired, our Joseph’s Jewelry experts will contact you to set up an appointment for you to pick up your precious piece.

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Stone Setting Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to put a stone in a setting?

How much it costs to put a stone in a setting varies. Setting a simple-cut diamond runs between  $75 to $300, or about $100 per carat. Fancy-cut and soft stones (opals, jade), complex designs and accent stones add to the cost of putting a stone in a setting.

Can you get a stone replaced in a ring?

Yes, you can get a stone replaced in a ring. Bring the stone and setting to a professional jeweler. Once the jeweler repairs the setting, the stone can be replaced. If you lost the gemstone, you can purchase a loose stone from a jeweler to replace in a ring.

How do you get a gemstone in a setting?

Since most gemstones are oval or round and evenly cut, you might be able to get a gemstone in a setting yourself. Put gemstone top down on flat surface. Gently press setting down over stone. Prongs should open and close securely, holding gemstone in setting. Or, bring it to Joseph’s Jewelry.

How do you set a prong setting?

To set a gemstone in a prong setting, it helps if the stone is calibrated (precisely cut), round or oval and has four or six prongs. Place the stone on a table or countertop and carefully push the prong setting down on the stone. Prongs should close tightly around the gemstone.

How many types of stone settings are there?

There are many types of stone settings. The most popular are: Prong, Bezel, Channel, Cluster, Flush, Halo, Illusion, Pavé, Tension and Trilogy. A setting’s most important parts are the head, where the gemstone goes, and the shank (band). Types of settings are as varied as the types of stones.

What is the best setting for a diamond ring?

The best setting for a diamond ring is one that shows off the diamond — and makes  the wearer smile! A prong setting is easy to customize, accommodates different shapes and sizes. With minimal metal, it’s lighter, more graceful and lets more light hit the diamond, making it sparkle brilliantly.

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