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On-Site Custom Jewelry Designer

On-Site Custom Jewelry Design Available

Joseph’s Jewelry custom designer services provide you access to create your own dream gold ring, replicate your precious grandma’s diamond wedding band, or just design a fun jewelry piece like a custom earring or bracelet you wanted since you are a child.

Call Joseph’s Jewelry or fill out our contact us form to make an appointment with one of our custom jewelry designers at your convenience.

Our on-site custom jewelry designers will review your request and provide you a custom quote for your precious jewelry piece.

After you signed our custom jewelry design agreement, our on-site jewelry designers will start working on your jewelry piece and reach out to with when the piece is finished.

Custom Jewelry Design Frequently Asked Questions

Is custom made jewelry more expensive?

Custom-made jewelry doesn’t have to be more expensive. The cost depends on how complex the design is, the type and weight of the metal and the type and number of gems you choose. The experienced custom jewelry designers at Joseph’s Jewelry will make recommendations based on your budget.

How much does it cost to make a ring with your own diamonds?

Making a ring with your own diamonds can cost as little as $450. It depends on your choice of metal (e.g., silver, gold, platinum), how much it weighs, and the complexity of the design. The custom jewelry designers at Joseph’s Jewelry are skilled at creating settings that accentuate diamonds – and fit your budget.

How much does it cost to have a ring made into a necklace?

The cost to have a ring made into a necklace varies depending on the design complexity and time/labor involved. Charges typically range from $400 to $600. Reusing the metal from your original ring helps keep the cost down. Schedule a free consultation at Joseph’s Jewelry in Stuart today.

How much does it cost to melt down a ring and make a new one?

The cost to melt down a ring and make a new one can be more affordable than starting fresh. And, you get to have a say in the design. Repurposing old jewelry is an art our custom jewelry designers excel at. Make an appointment for a free jewelry design consultation and bring your ideas with you.

How do I find a jewelry designer?

Here are three ways to find a jewelry designer: Search the internet. Ask a friend. Or, better yet, stop by top-rated Joseph’s Jewelry in Stuart. Family-owned and operated, Joseph’s Jewelry has been serving clients up and down the Treasure Coast since 1990.

What can I do with my old wedding ring?

Here are two ideas from the custom jewelry designers at Joseph’s Jewelry on what you can do with your old wedding ring: We melt down your old wedding ring and, using the same gold, we design and make another ring. Or, we create an entirely different piece of jewelry like a necklace or bracelet.

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