We repair all types of Chain Necklaces and Bracelets, including items purchased at another store

On-Site Chain Soldering

On-Site Chain Soldering Repair Steps

The chain necklaces and bracelets you bring in for repair are often the most treasured ones in your jewelry box – chain necklaces you inherited, a gold chain necklace your loved one gave you, a chain necklace that is close to your heart, or a chain bracelet your parter gave you as an anniversary gift. Please be sure that we treasure your trust in us to repair your most precious chain necklace or bracelet in the same way you treasure your memories with it.

When you bring your jewelry piece to our Joseph’s repair experts, we’ll evaluate the damage and provide you our educated recommendation on how to repair your precious piece. We repair all types of chain necklaces and chain bracelets, including jewelry items purchased at another store.

Call Joseph’s Jewelry or fill out our contact us form to make an appointment with our jewelry repair experts at your convenience.

Our on-site trained jewelry repair experts will review your jewelry piece and provide you an educated recommendation on how to repair your precious jewelry piece.

After you signed our repair agreement, our on-site trained Joseph’s jewelry repair experts will start working on your jewelry piece to make it looking stunning again.

After the jewelry is repaired, our Joseph’s Jewelry experts will contact you to set up an appointment for you to pick up your precious piece.

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Chain Soldering Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does it cost to solder a necklace?
  2. Can a gold chain be repaired?
  3. Is it OK to sleep with a gold chain on?
  4. How do you fix a broken gold chain link?
  5. Where can I get my chain fixed?
  6. Why does my gold chain keep breaking? 

#1 How much does it cost to solder a necklace?

The cost to solder a necklace depends on what type of metal your necklace is and the severity and location of the break. Based on experience, prices can range from $25 to $225. The best solution is to have one of the on-site jewelers at Joseph’s Jewelry examine your chain necklaces and bracelets and provide you with an estimate.

#2 Can a gold chain be repaired?

Yes, a gold chain can be repaired. And, like with most things, the simpler your gold chain is the easier, faster and less expensive it is to fix. Link, cable and box chains, commonly worn solo or with a pendant, are the least difficult to fix. If a link breaks, you may be able to reattach it yourself. However, hollow/rope, herringbone and wheat chains are trickier and may require soldering. To ensure your gold chain looks the same as the day you first wore it, have it fixed by one of the jewelry repair specialists at Joseph’s Jewelry.

#3 Is it OK to sleep with a gold chain on?

Sleeping with a gold chain on is purely a matter of preference.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Do you have sensitive skin?
  • Are you a restless sleeper?
  • How fragile is your gold chain? If you wear your gold chain to bed, you may wake up with irritated skin, an indentation around your neck or a bent or broken chain. Gold is durable, but daily exposure to soap, body oil, even sweat, causes gold to lose its luster. Just like you, your treasured necklace deserves a breather.
  • Clean and polish your gold chain on a regular basis or have us do it for you. While we’re at it, we’ll check for weak spots.

#4 How do you fix a broken gold chain link?

The best way to fix a broken gold chain link when one of the links has pulled apart is to hook the closed link opposite the break to the open link. Then take a pair of needle-nosed pliers and squeeze the ends together, making sure the ends of the links are flush with each other. Gently pull from either side to test your repair. If the links come apart, try again.

You can fix a broken gold chain link that’s bent by flattening and straightening it out, but the link where the “bend” is will always be weak. More serious breaks require soldering. To ensure your special chain looks like new, leave the repair of bent or broken chain links to one of the specially trained experts at Joseph’s Jewelry in Stuart.

#4 Where can I get my chain fixed?

You can get your chain fixed at the jewelry repair store near you, at Joseph’s Jewelry in Stuart. We’ve been repairing jewelry on-site since 1990, and our jewelry service staff is especially proficient at restoring all types of gold chain necklaces – from light cable chains to solid rope chains. Even if you purchased your gold chain necklace at another jewelry store, we’re happy to repair it.

#5 Why does my gold chain keep breaking?

The same qualities that make your gold chain beautiful – light and delicate – also make it easy to break.

If your favorite gold chain keeps breaking, here are five ways to protect it:

  • Undo the clasp rather than pull the chain off over your head.
  • Remove your gold chain before swimming or playing sports.
  • Remember to take off your gold chain before going to sleep.
  • Kids love shiny objects, so don’t wear your gold chain when holding or
    playing with a child.
  • When in doubt, take it off!

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