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Stud Earrings

What are Stud Earrings?

A stud is a simple earring, consisting of usually, a 5 or 6-prong setting, backed by a post that is inserted into the pierced ear and held in place by a clutch. The setting can contain any number of varieties of gemstones or diamonds, one per each ear.

Benefits of Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are the most versatile earrings you can own. From a pair of diamond studs to bright colored gemstone studs. Some of the many benefits of the stud earring are

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What are different styles of Stud Earrings?

Stud earring, featuring fine gemstones or solitaire diamonds are one of our staple items here at Joseph’s Jewelry but the styles are endless stop by today and see for yourself. Here are a few studs from our large inventory you should consider:

At Joseph’s Jewelry you can explore classic and modern stud earrings for every occasion, including diamond studs, birthstone studs, and 14K yellow, white, and rose gold round beaded stud earrings.

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We encourage you to stop in and experience what Joseph’s Jewelry has to offer.

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