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Silver Earrings

What are 925 Silver Earrings?

925 silver earrings contain 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals such as nickel or copper. This combination gives the silver better shape, sparkle, and strength. In recent years, silver jewelry has grown tremendously in popularity due to its versatility, flattering appeal.

Benefits of Silver Earrings

Ladies, that earring, you are thinking about buying have a lot more benefits than just fashion. Either through science or long-held myths, silver has countless benefits for instance, did you know that;

Featured Silver Earrings

What are different types of Silver Earrings?

Whether you’re in search of the classic silver stud earring or our intricate blue topaz, white sapphire and rock crystal drop earring in sterling silver, Joseph’s Jewelry has what you’re looking for here are a few more to consider.

Our wide range of earrings styles is endless. One can only benefit from choosing to buy sterling silver jewelry for themselves or for loved ones. At Joseph’s Jewelry you can choose from studs, hoop, dangle and many other styles all crafted in 925 silver.

We encourage you to stop in and experience what Joseph’s Jewelry has to offer.

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