Drusy has become a very popular stone recently! We have been seeing it more and more in our industry as a new popular medium. This past year at the oscars several celebrities have been seen wearing it! The stones color is so versatile it’s been used in everyday pieces all the way up to statement pieces. Drusy comes in many colors but the most valued is pink! Take a read through this and take a in-depth look at the wonderful Drusy

“Drusy refers to clusters of small crystals that sparkle like snow or sugar coatings on the minute crystals of rock surfaces. These unique and glistening gems sparkle in bright light and appeal to those who like a natural or boho style of jewelry – and judging by the lively interest and brisk trading for it at the recent gem shows at Tucson in February, the interest continues. Designers clamored for naturally sparkling gems, along with those treated to be even brighter and more colorful, for fresh, new jewelry looks.”

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