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Gold Charms

What are Gold Charms?

A charm bracelet is a type of bracelet which carries personal ornaments or “charms”, such as decorative pendants or trinkets, charms carry personal or sentimental attachment. Gold charm bracelets can come in 10K and 14K the higher the karat of gold, the more expensive the jewelry will be.

Benefits of Gold Charms

Gold charms symbolized turning points in the wearer’s life, such as a sixteenth birthday, graduation, wedding, or the birth of children. Gold charms are always a good investment but also have other benefits you may not know like.

Featured Gold Charms

African Elephant Charm representing world’s largest land animal. Recall your larger than life African travels. Available in silver and gold.
The African Elephant Charm represents the world’s largest land animal. Use it to recall your....
The A Date To Remember Script Disc Charm is engravable on front and back. Commemorate....
Remember the day in August you met your love, you got married or you had your first child with the Months of Love Birthstone Charm.
Remember the day in August you met the love of your life, the day you....
Remember a special birthday with our Held in Love Heart charm featuring a center birthstone. Available in silver and gold.
Remember a special birthday with our Held in Love Heart charm featuring a center birthstone.....

What are different types of Gold Charms?

Tell your personal story with a gold charm bracelet from Joseph’s Jewelry. Our Rembrandt’s gold bracelets come in a variety of styles from our classic collection. We have hundreds of different types of gold charms available in gold, so you can create your own sentimental journey. Here are just a few options from our collection.

Wear the classic looks of gold with Joseph’s Jewelry collection of gold charm bracelets, our classic bracelets in gold plated, 10 and 14 Karat styles.

We encourage you to stop in and experience what Joseph’s Jewelry has to offer.

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