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Tennis Bracelets

tennis bracelets

What are Tennis Bracelets?

A tennis bracelet features a seamless linked chain of gemstones. The link chain design allows the bracelet to bend and move. They can feature three or four-prong mounts for each gemstone, or even a bezel setting to secure the gemstones in place.

Benefits of Tennis Bracelets

The bracelet is one of the most coveted jewelry pieces today . They are both a statement piece that draws attention and a stylish classic that will be passed onto future generations. This makes them a perfect gift to mark important milestones in life.

Featured Tennis Bracelets

What are different styles of Tennis Bracelets?

While most tennis bracelet designs contain one row or loop of diamonds, some bracelets have two, three or even four rows of stones. Most bracelets of this jewelry type utilize round cut diamonds, although some styles incorporate emerald cuts. There are a number of different tennis bracelet clasp types; here are three of our favorites!

The tennis bracelet is a iconic fashion piece, it has become a staple of fine jewelry. Joseph’s Jewelry has a exceptional selection tennis bracelets featuring finely crafted platinum, yellow, and white gold bracelets with one or multiple rows of diamonds or your choice of gemstones.

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