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Diamond Bracelets

What are Diamond Bracelets?

Diamond bracelets feature architectural prong styles to add dimension, curved designs, linked chains, sleek satin, or brushed metal work. Diamond bracelets can feature pave or channel settings. A pave setting means that the diamonds are embedded within the metal; prongs are still used to secure the stone.

Benefits of Diamond Bracelets

One huge benefit of diamond bracelets is their incredible durability. Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring material on Earth, which means that it’s unlikely to get scratched or damaged by basically anything. Here are some benefits to consider;

What are different styles of Diamond Bracelets?

Diamond bracelets are available in many different styles and settings including chunky bangles and personalized charm bracelets. At Joseph’s Jewelry you can choose the bracelet design that you love and enjoy the timeless beauty of this classic accessory.

While one of the most popular diamond bracelet styles is the “tennis bracelet,” not every bracelet with diamonds is the ubiquitous “tennis” design. Here at Joseph’s Jewelry a diamond bracelet can be styled in many different and unique settings to create a piece that is personalized and perfectly suited to each individual.

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