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Cuff Bracelets

What are Cuff Bracelets?

Cuff bracelets are a type of bangle bracelet and have an inflexible circular or oval shape. They tend to fit a little looser on the wrist, are usually wider and chunkier, and don’t have a clasp or closure.

Benefits of Cuff Bracelets

They are characterized as an open and rigid bracelet that slips over the wrist and have been fashionable accessories for thousands of years. This type of bracelets have a long history in jewelry design, some of the benefits of wearing a cuff.

Featured Cuff Bracelets

What are different styles of Cuff Bracelets?

Joseph’s Jewelry has a absolutely stunning selection for silver and gold cuffs, we also have many of these styles to chose from like.

The modern-day cuff bracelet is an open rigid bracelet. Each end often has a ball so that the bracelet stays secure around your wrist. Shop for beautifully crafted cuff bracelets at Joseph’s Jewelry, discover gold, silver, wide and thin women’s cuff bracelets and more. We carry lab grown diamonds.

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