There is an incredible amount of information to learn about diamonds. Diamonds are the hardest stone available for purchase as well as the most popular stone for bridal and fashion jewelry. Whether you prefer the classic round cut, or the ever popular princess cut, Joseph’s has the ability to attain a wide variety of stones. The demand for higher carat diamonds has increased dramatically over the years causing prices to escalate.  Joseph’s Jewelry is the premier location for Diamonds on the Treasure Coast. From remounts and custom creations  to  designer favorites, we can take care of your every need. Check out our website for more information Diamond  jewelry design, and repairs from the Number 1 voted jeweler on the Treasure Coast.

CUT: When people think of cut, they often think it’s the shape of the diamond. But, it’s about how light is returned due to a diamond’s facets. Cut is responsible for brilliance, fire, and scintillation of a diamond.

Brilliance is the combination of all of the white light reflected from the surface and the inside of the a diamond.

Fire are flashes of color you see in a polished diamond

Scintillation are flashes of light you see when the diamond, the light, or the observer moves.

For the best results, proportions of its facets, symmetry, the relationship of its weight to its diameter, girdle thickness, and quality of its polish have to come together in just the right way.

CARAT WEIGHT: In addition to color, cut, and clarity, carat weight directly correlates to price of the diamond. This happens because the supply is low (larger = rarer) and demand is high (larger = more popular).

1 Carat = 200 milligrams

1 Point = 0.01 carat = 1/100 of a carat


Diamonds of equal weight are not necessarily the same size. Different proportions and depths will result in different size and weight combinations.

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